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Video Effects

For this project, in order to effectively showcase each available Video Effect I took two clips of a video (2 versions of the same sunset), made each clip 5 seconds long and proceeded to take each and EVERY Video Effect and apply it to one of the clips. In order to make sense out of it all, each effect is labeled clearly for Category and Style.

What I learned is that the vast majority of effects require some type of keyframing to really make the effect pop. In some instances, without setting keyframes the applied effect makes little to no noticeable impact on the clip.

The keying clips all relate to matting out some element in your video and as such the blue/green screen mattes don't really translate for this exercise so just understand that you'd need some footage shot in front of a blue/green screen to use either of these effects.

The Tracking Matte effect is the effect used most often for blurring out someones face, or license plate in videos. It can also be used to make titles show video within the title.

In most instances, I used the default effect properties settings. You'll know where I didn't because the effect either keyframes, moves or is skewed in some way to demonstrate the effect.

With all the effects, titles, cross dissolve transitions and music the final render output is 320x240 at 1.5mbps and took just over five minutes to render for the youtube version. The running time is 7:10 and the file is 90 megabytes.

I'm currently working on creating another version of this to show the Video Transitions which should be completed and ready for viewing this weekend. Check back here for updates.

Cheers and Happy Effecting!

Premiere Elements 2.0 Tip O'The Day: The Workbar Shortcuts

This tip was posted over on the official boards but it's too good to let hide over there.

You can set the workbar position wherever you need it to be by moving the CTI to the in point(the starting point for your needs), press ALT-[ now drag the CTI to where you want the out point (the ending point for your needs) and press ALT-]. Now the workbar should be right where you need it most. This sure beats playing hide and seek looking for the end point of the work bar on long projects. Plus, don't forget that by double clicking anywhere on the workbar area it automatically extends the full length of your progect.

Special thanks go out to Ken Jarstad for dropping this in our lap. Nicely done!

Transitions Compilation Now Available

Just completed the Video Transitions compilation. It is now posted and ready for consumption. I will say that I found several really nice effects that I never would have found otherwise. Good stuff.

A couple of quick points. First, the Keying Transitions are not represented in this compilation as I didn't have any keyed material to use but luckily there are only 4 not seen here. Second, I swear the 3D Motion - Spin transition looks nothing like any spin I've ever seen. I checked it twice to make sure I didn't miss something. Lastly, I really think after using cross dissolves as my go-to choice 9 out of 10 times I like how most of the Slides work and I'm gonna try to use them more.

Favorite transition that I'd never considered let alone even seen: Wipe: Gradient Wipe and you'll find it at the 5:07 mark in the Transitions video.

It's just cool. And looking at the screen caps I realize that it reminds me of a blowing snow kind of effect.

I also think the key to a good edit is to maintain consistency and transitions are a big part of that. You can always tell someone new to editing because they pepper the video with 27 different transitions in a 3 minute clip. :)

Tip Of The Week

    Use ALT-[ and ALT-] with the CTI for controlling the location of the WORKBAR.
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Editing Essentials

    The Timeline’s current-time indicator(CTI), a blue triangle in the time ruler, corresponds with the frame displayed in the Monitor panel’s Timeline view. A vertical line extends from this current-time indicator through all the tracks.

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